You are 18 years or older and you would like to prepare for the sacrament of Confirmation ?  You are asked to become a God-Parent ou you plan on getting married and you did not complete Christian Initiation Program ?  We have a program that can help you with that.  Approximately ten meetings with a volunteer will let you complete your sacrament.  The cost is 60$.  We need a copy of your baptim certificate and of your birth certificate when you register.  You have to come to the rectory or send us en emal with the documents attached to register.  Our email address and our office location are on the Contact page.


Every adult that wishes to become a christian may ask to be baptised. Call us at the rectory to meet our pastoral agent or one of the priests.  They will guide you to that sacrament.  The preparation method will be discussed with the person.



To register your child for baptism, you must get the certificate of baptism and confirmation of the god-mother and god-father that you have chosen and give us a copy.  There could be only one god-mother and/or one god-father that sing in the registry.  We also need a copy of the birth certificate of your child.  We have baptism ceremony at least once a month.  You can choose the date when you register.  There is one preparation meeting.  The date will be given to you when you register. Contact our Pastoral Agent, Marcel-Marie Breton to register your child and decide the date.



Contact the office as soon as possible (at least a year in advance) to schedule the date that you wish.  The Bride and Groom must get their certificat of baptism (not older than 6 months) and certificate of birth before the first meeting with the priest. A prepraration session is essential, we will provide you the information needed.  We ask for a deposit to reserve your date. Please visit us at the rectory for more information.


Funerals :

Contact the office as soon as possible to make sure a priest is available for the service. A meeting with the family and the priest is important. There are no funerals or burials on Sundays.


First communion, Reconciliation, Confirmation :

For children who wish to complete the sacrements of initiation, you must attend the information meeting in september of each year.  The exact date will be posted on the events page.  You must give us the certificat of baptism of your child.  For First Communions and Pennance, the child must be 8 years old as of October 31st.  For Confirmation, they must be 12 years old (secondary 1).


Registration for 2018-2019 will be in september 2018.

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