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Diocese of Joliette

The website for the diocese of Joliette shows a glimpse of the diocesan life, its story, services and activities.


Quebec Assembly of Catholic Bishops

The assembly of bishops from the province of Quebec.


Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops

The Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops is the organisation of all the bishops in Canada.  Through the work of its members, the Conference is involved in matters of national and international scope in areas such as ecumenism and interfaith dialogue, theology, social justice, aid to developing countries, the protection of human life, liturgy, communications and Christian education.


Development and Peace

The Canadian Catholic Organisation for development and peace is one of the main non-gouvernemental organisation for international development. 


Le Centre d'Entraide de Mascouche


The Centre d’Entraide de Mascouche helps families in need by giving them food vouchers, clothing and furniture. (French website).


La P'tite Pasto

La P'tite Pasto is a parent-children activity for children from 0 to 7 years old.  With games, crafts, songs, kids discover familiy values, environnement, friendship, and learn the presence of God and the Christian Values.  All in the language adapted to them and a lot of fun ! (French website).



InterBible is a french website, nominated each year as the best Website in Quebec.  It gives a lot of information about the Bible.


The Holy See (Vatican)

The official site for the Vatican gives acces to some archives, the library and the Vatican's Museum.  A great tool to find everything you need from the Vatican.



The English Community Organization of Lanaudiere "serves and promotes the well-being of members of the English-speaking community of the Lanaudière region. Their mandate is to offer a wide variety of services, initiatives and programs for all age groups, such as community animation, community health prevention and promotion activities. We strive to facilitate access to health and social services, to offer volunteer service programs, and to identify resources available in the region. We are the source and provider of pertinent English-language documentation in the Lanaudière region.


More to come

More websites will be published here.


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